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Freshmen & Sophomore Year Calendar

Don t fear the future, Plan for it!ATTENTION FRESHMEN & SOPHOMORES
Preparing for college begins NOW!
Here is a list of things to stay on top during 9th & 10th grade:

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  • Review the College Prep information on this website paying particular attention to the required College Prep (a-g) classes

  • Remember that you must earn grades of C and higher since D's and F's are not recognized by four year colleges, which includes University of California and California State Universities. Attend Summer School for grade improvement if needed. Begin to compute your College Prep GPA.            

  • FUSD offers the PSAT to all sophomore students the second Wednesday of October. Registration not Required (see the PSAT page) 

  • Complete the Four Year High School Plan on this website and be sure to select the classes to fulfill the minimum College Prep requirements. Update as plans are modified.
  • Go to Big Future begin using this software in developing your Four Year Plan and checking out college and career options.
  • Go to California Colleges begin to track your college and career path and initiate your college application.
  • Set your goals for success in your classes and personal life.

  • Visit the WHS College & Career Center located next to the library in the main office building. Begin investigating college and career resources. Visit the College & Career Center section of this website also.

  • Get involved in extra curricular activities, sports and/or volunteer work. We have a variety of clubs on campus that you can join at any time. Check out what is available in the Student Center or listen for bulletin announcements. There is something for everyone!

  • Begin the 40 hour Community Service Graduation Requirement. Remember to complete the paperwork-Official Form is available in the Student Center and on the WHS website. 

  • During registration in February, select classes carefully. Get information from teachers, your counselor and the FUSD Course Catalog about course selections (link on the first page of the College Prep section: College Prep Four Year Plan). Consider taking 2 period Mission Valley ROP Courses (classes available in junior and senior year) and/or Advanced Placement classes. Be sure that you meet the prerequisites to take the course.

  • Attend a College Fair-- or Visit a college campus - call ahead for a student led tour. Surf the net for more information about colleges and take virtual tours.

  • Meet with your counselor to discuss course selections, college and career planning and any other questions.

  • Meet with your counselor if you are having some personal difficulties, should the need arise. Your concerns are kept confidential.

  • Talk with your parents about your plans for life after high school.

  • Summer School: If you have failed a class first semester or are failing one second semester, register for Summer School in March/April. Also, grades of D in college prep classes can be improved in summer school; students should take advantage of this opportunity since colleges do not recognize D's. NOTE: Fremont Adult School is NO LONGER open to High School students and does not offer college prep courses.