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College Fairs

College FairHow to make the most of a College Fair

Before the COLLEGE FAIR:

Make cards or labels to give to college representatives with the following information on them:

  • Name (no nick names), address, email address, date of birth, phone number (optional), current school and WHS CEEB code 050972, year of graduation, possible major, ethnic background (optional). 
  • DO NOT include Social Security number

Prepare questions:  Here are some possibilities:

  • What kind of students fit here best?
  • What kind of students are you looking for?
  • What are some features of a program I am interested in?
  • On average, how many years will it take to complete a Bachelor of Arts or Science degree?
  • What do graduates most remember about your college?


  • Collect brochures
  • Sign up on mailing or email lists
  • TALK to the college representatives-they want to interact with you!  And they will be reading your college application, so make a good impression!
  • Consider many colleges, don't let cost limit you and don't get your heart set on one college!
  • If a line is long for one college, come back later; the lines will die down    


  • Complete post cards and send them to colleges you are interested in
  • Read brochures and show them to your parents
  • Any brochures you don't want, take in to the Career Center for other students to use
  • Explore college websites!  You'll find a wealth of information. will give you information about every college in California with links to each plus matching colleges to your interests.
  • Visit college campuses and take a tour.  College students lead the tours and they are very truthful about what the college is like.
  • Email your questions to the admissions offices of perspective colleges


Take the time to find the college that is right for you!