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College Prep a-g Courses and Differential Grade Weight

books appleUC and CSU designate college prep courses and they are identified with an "a-g" marking. UC and CSU have defined a number of advanced courses offered at WHS that receive an extra point added to the GPA when a student earns an A, B or C.  They include all of the Advanced Placement courses and two additional courses; English 11H & Accelerated Algebra 2/Trig/PreCalculus. Students are limited to 8 semester weighted grades from the list, with a maximum of 4 semesters from the sophomore year.  
 A-G Course Lists
This list can be accessed at A-G Course Lists Enter "Washington High School, Fremont, CA" 
All of the WHS a-g approved courses are listed and those that are weighted are indicated with a star.  The FUSD transcript does not report weighted grade point averages, however, perspective colleges re-figure students GPAs to include differential weighting (see the Calculating College Prep GPA  page to estimate your College Prep GPA).  Private colleges vary in their definition of course weighting so students must contact perspective colleges to obtain this information.