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Admissions and Applications: PRIVATE COLLEGES

stanfordCourse pattern and tests required for private colleges are similar to UC and CSU. Check with each private college for their specific requirements. Military Academy applications have similar requirements, so follow the instructions here for these applications.

Application limits: Washington High School will process a maximum of six private college applications per student. Online application providers each count as one of the six (if it contains no supplements) and students may apply to as many colleges that use that service as they choose.  However, students are encouraged to limit their choices prior to applying since application fees are expensive and too many choices can make the selection process more difficult. Remember: You will attend only ONE college at a time.

Use this link for more information about application process: 

Common Application and other Online Application Providers:
Many private colleges use the Common App online, but there are a number of other online application providers. Follow directions within their application procedures to have your recommendation request emailed to your selected teachers and counselor. Be sure to spell their names correctly and input the correct email address. Your counselor must also receive the Secondary School Report online through the Common App or other provider. Here are links to some of the online applications:


Letters of Recommendation and Secondary School Reports: OCTOBER 15 DEADLINE

If you are applying early, then the deadline is 3 weeks before that due date; NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 15.

See instructions on next page titled Letters of Recommendation. Online access for Senior Profile.

Complete the Senior Profile Form for Letters of Recommendation. When you are finished, notify your counselor by email. You must also begin your application via the selected provider before your counselor will write your LOR.

Secondary School Report is information about the applicant submitted by the school counselor online.

DEADLINE: OCTOBER 15 you must submit:

Counselor and teacher email addresses to online application provider with colleges listed and the application decision plan due dates of these colleges selected. 


Washington High School Profile:

Information about Washington High School sent with each Secondary School report to private colleges:

Student Activity Record:

The Student Activity Record is another useful tool for tracking your activities throughout high school.

Additional Requirements for Private College Applications:

  • Check college website for application information. Check for specific additional requirements
  • Personal essay(s) (will vary from college to college)
  • Include on your application awards and achievements, school and community activities while in high school
  • Letters of recommendation from teacher and/or counselor as outlined in application
  • Official transcript
  • Application Due Date: Check with each college for deadline

Private Colleges in California and beyond

Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities (AICCU)

Colleges Nationwide: The following websites include all of the colleges in the state; public universities, private colleges and community colleges.

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