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Senior Year Calendar

CollegeContinue your extra curricular activities, sports, and/or volunteer work
Continue doing well in your classes and getting good grades
Add important information below that pertains to you to your Husky Planner or smartphone



  • Make sure your schedule of classes includes career/college/major admission requirements

  • Register for the California Scholastic Federation (CSF) if your previous spring grades met the requirements

  • Get applications for colleges you wish to attend

  • Register for the ACT or SAT test by the December test date if the colleges you are applying to require it. UC's and CSU's no longer require the test.  

  • Surf the internet to locate college and financial aid information and visit the College and Career Center. is a helpful website for all California Colleges

  • Check Fast Webfor scholarship information and take their survey so that you will receive scholarship application information that match your interests/talents.

  • If you are applying Early Action/Early Decision, complete applications and submit by the Counseling Department deadline. Consider the effect this choice could have on financial aid.


  • If you are applying to private colleges or for scholarships, visit the Private College area of the WHS website:  PRIVATE COLLEGE/LOR/DEADLINES

  • For private college applications, Identify one-two teachers who can write a strong recommendation letter for you.

  • If you are applying to private colleges, submit your Student Profile online for Letters of Recommendation by OCTOBER 15 (deadline is sooner if applying Early Decision/Action-check with your counselor). Also submit Common App, Coalition, Sendedu or other online application portal to your counselor by entering their name and email address by OCTOBER 15. You must also select the application deadline in the online application portals. Go to Private College Applications page for more detail. Be mindful of these deadlines!

  • Finish essays for college admission

  • Register to take Advanced Placement exams.

  • Attend the "College Night @ Ohlone" college fair and meet admissions officials from over 100 colleges in and out of state-TBA

  • Make final visits to college campuses you plan to apply to

  • Submit Early Action/Early Decision applications if applying

  • Begin California State University and/or University of California online applications

  • Begin submitting forms for private sources of financial aid


  • Submit online admission applications to UC and/or CSU by NOVEMBER 30

  • Visit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid FAFSA website and obtain your PIN number


  • Last month to take the ACT or SAT to submit to colleges you plan to apply to. (check college websites for updates regarding these tests)

  • Visit colleges during winter break

  • Complete and send private college applications by their deadlines

  • Study for Finals


  • Attend a local Financial Aid Night with your parents-TBA

  • If required by colleges, request 7th semester transcripts to be sent

  • If applying to private colleges, ask counselors to submit Mid-Year Reports and transcript

  • Review the FAFSA form online with your parents and gather all necessary documentation to complete the form


  • Pursue scholarship information in the WHS College and Career Center and on the web, and apply for those scholarships for which you are qualified

  • File the FAFSA no later than March 2

  • Fremont Unified School district will submit your State ID# for Cal Grant financial aid. 

  • Follow specific college campus guidelines regarding housing

  • Register for the Ohlone College orientation workshop at WHS in the College & Career Center


  • Apply for the California Scholastic Federation (CSF) Lifetime award

  • Don't give in to "senioritis!" Your CSU, UC or private college admission is contingent upon your final high school grades

  • Begin to plan your summer work, school or volunteer activities

  • Attend the Ohlone College orientation at WHS. If planning to attend another community college, contact them and follow registration procedures.


  • Evaluate financial aid offers

  • Return intent to register forms to your chosen college before May 1

  • Notify other colleges you were admitted to that you are not attending


  • Study for Finals

  • Arrange with high school registrar to have your final official high school transcript sent to the college you will attend

  • Student Athletes: To play college athletics at the Division I or II level, you must be certified by the NCAA. Go to NCAA Clearinghouse and complete forms and give forms to your high school registrar

  • Students attending UC in the fall: Take Analytical Writing Placement Exam

  • Take Advanced Placement tests

  • Register for summer programs at college campuses

  • Notify WHS College and Career Specialist of any awards you have received by early May

  • Register for college campus orientation programs

  • Plan for high school graduation


  • Congratulations graduate!!

  • Begin your plan of life after high school!