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Junior Year Calendar

Plan Your Future
Add important information below that pertains to you to your Husky Planner or smartphone


  • Register for California Scholastic Federation (CSF) if your previous spring grades met the requirements
  • Register for the October PSAT in the Accounting Office (this is the only way to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship)
  • Review the College Prep 4 Year Plan  and revise if needed
  • Make sure your class schedule includes career/college interests and major admission requirements
  • Work hard on your grades and seek help when needed! Junior year grades are very important in the college admissions process, as is the rigor of your courses.
  • Use the Student Activity Record to track the activities you have participated in during high school 
  • Attend the "College Night @ Ohlone" college fair and meet admissions officials from over 100 colleges in and out of state
  • Take the PSAT the the second Wednesday of October; location WHS (pre-registration required)
  • Take part in extra curricular activities, sports and volunteer work 
  • Investigate SAT and/or ACT exams and research if either one is required for university admissions
  • Study for your finals: your grades are very important!
  • Investigate summer programs


  • Visit colleges and college websites. Read website page Finding the College that is Right for You
  • Register for a spring SAT or ACT (check college websites for updates regarding these tests, as they are no longer required for the UC's and CSU's)
  • Register for California Scholastic Federation (CSF) if your first semester grades met the requirements


  • Make plans for summer. Consider the various opportunities.
  • Plan to visit colleges during spring break, if possible
  • Investigate colleges online and in person. Identify the characteristics of a college that matter to you; size, location, cost, majors, social environment etc. Go online to and/or Big Future and take their college search survey that will match colleges to your interests. Review website page Finding the College that is Right for You..
  • Investigate various college majors on the above websites
  • Plan your senior classes. Use your 4 year plan in your account or use the WHS College Prep 4 Year Plan.  (Be sure to keep it academic!)
  • Register for Summer School if needed to grade improve D's or F's


  • You will be given a test that is part determining college readiness in Math and English for the CSU's, These results will help you focus on areas that may need improvement.
  • Service academies and ROTC applications begin at this time
  • Visit college campuses; call ahead to the admissions office to take a tour conducted by students who attend the college
  • Attend a College Fair (April-May); TBA
  • Investigate financial aid and scholarships from Federal, FAFSA  State, Cal Grant and private sources. More information available in the WHS College and Career Center.


  • Keep your college file up to date.  Request any additional information.
  • Take the SAT or ACT (check college websites for updates regarding these tests)
  • Students planning to participate in college athletics at the Division I or II level: File with NCAA Clearinghouse Follow their course and grade requirements.
  • Study for finals


  • Use your summer wisely
  • Have an open and honest conversation with your parents about how you will finance your college expenses
  • Find a job and save $$ for college
  • Job shadow for a day
  • Read
  • Attend Summer School if needed to improve grades in college prep classes
  • Visit college campuses 
    Develop list of colleges you would like to attend.Try to finalize your list of colleges BEFORE the start of school in the fall
  • Print information about the application requirements from each college  
  • Start the Common App, Coalition , Sendedu or other online application portal, if applying to colleges that require it.
  • Brainstorm ideas for your college essays
  • Begin writing your UC/private college essays