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Admission Requirements: UC and CSU

UCCalifornia has an extensive system of public universities within its borders. The University of California  has 10 campuses throughout the state and as mandated by the California Master Plan for Higher Education, they admit the top 12.5% of high school graduates. The California State Universities are 23 campuses strong and admit the top one-third of high school graduates. Below are the factors considered for admission.

Minimum Subject Requirements: 
*All courses from a-g list
Minimum grade of "C" earned in all a-g college prep courses
UC: 11 of the required 15 a-g (college prep) courses must be completed by end of junior year 
UC: Minimum weighted GPA in a-g (college prep) classes from 10th and 11th grade: 3.0.









Social Science

(US, World History, Government)

2 years  
(b) English 4 years  
(c) Math (Algebra 1, Geometry,Algebra 2)

3 years

(CSU recommends a 4th year of CP Math)

4 years

(Precalculus, Statistics)


Lab Science (UC: Biology, Chemistry;

CSU: Biological, Physical)

2 years 3 years
(e) Language other than English^ Level 2 Level 3
(f) Visual and Performing Arts 1 year  
(g) College Prep Elective 1 year  


*Check the UC website for UC and CSU approved a-g courses for our school by typing in Washington High School at A-G Course Lists. Also lists which courses receive Honors/AP credit (weighted GPA) and which subject category each course fulfills. (A maximum of 8 semesters can receive extra weight in the GPA.) A list of current Washington High School courses is available under the College Prep Four Year Plan page at left. Higher GPA, higher level coursework (i.e., Advanced Placement, Honors and/or higher level classes) increase odds of acceptance at more competitive/impacted campuses.

^Language Other Than English (LOTE): Colleges recognize the last year of World Language student has taken with satisfactory grades as the number of years completed. I.e., student takes Spanish 1 in junior high and Spanish 2 and 3 in high school. UC/CSU would count 3 years as completed. If student is a native speaker and begins in higher level like Spanish 3, UC/CSU would count 3 years as completed.

California University Websites


Tests Recommended/Required for Admission: Check this link for testing information: 

UC Admissions and Testing

Here is what they are saying: "UC will not consider SAT or ACT test scores when making admissions decisions or awarding scholarships. If you choose to submit test scores as part of your application, they may be used as an alternative method of fulfilling minimum requirements for eligibility or for course placement after you enroll."

  • SAT Subject Tests may be submitted for consideration just as AP scores are.
  • Testing Websites: (Washington High School CEEB code: 050972)

CSU Admissions Calculator:

Follow the directions on computing your college prep GPA on the CSU link, or compute using the interactive tool at left  titled Calculating Weighted College Prep GPA. The CSU Admissions Calculator will tell you what your eligibility is:

CSU Admissions Calculator

UC Admissions Calculator:

This is a valuable tool that you can use to determine if you are on the path to gaining admission to the University of California. Follow the directions on this link to see where you stand while you continue to complete the college prep requirements (check UC/CSU website for more information on requirements). The top 9% of California students who have met the minimum course requirements are guaranteed admission into at least one UC campus, although it may not be the campus the student has chosen.

Additional Elements for UC application:

  • Personal essay
  • Inclusion of awards and achievements, school and community activities while in high school
  • NOTE: CSU and UC do not accept letters of recommendation. This may be changing, check with individual colleges. 

Application Process:

Application Due Date:  NOVEMBER 30. CSU online application access begins October 1; UC begins November 1. Students apply to CSU and UC online and should begin their application soon after the application period opens and finish well in advance of the due date to ensure access on the web. The application can be completed in multiple time periods and progress can be saved. Download a hard copy of completed applications for your records.  

Use the COLLEGE APPLICATION CHECKLIST as a guide for your applications.


College Admissions Stress:

Don't overlook the pressures you are dealing with and how to take a more balanced approach toward doing your best while making time for activities you enjoy, time with friends and family, relaxation and sleep!

Your online reputation...

Your online reputation: Ever wonder if colleges check you out online?? Here's some good advice about protecting your online reputation and steps to take to improve it:

Online Reputation Management for High School Students

UC Tuition/fees, Financial Aid and on campus living cost estimates:
CSU Tuition/fees and on campus living cost estimates: