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Are You Ready for Community College?


To be Successful in College, you need to be willing to do the following:

In addition, for students in the Disabled Students Programs and Services:

  • willing to take classes that might not be at my favorite times (for example in the early morning or in the evening)
  • willing to spend less money on clothes, music, fun, so that I can purchase the books and supplies I will need for school (up to $200 per class)
  • willing to follow advice on good study habits, such as sitting in the front of the classroom, or going over notes immediately after class
  • willing to make time to visit instructors during their office hours for additional help
  • willing to be responsible for keeping track of deadlines for assignments due dates, turning in financial aid applications, and registering for classes
  • willing to study 4 hours per day outside of class time if I am a full time student (including Saturday and Sunday).
  • willing to be flexible and pursue another field of study if my first choice seems unrealistic
  • willing to conduct myself in an adult manner without supervision
  • willing to attend all classes every day even if the weather is bad or I don't really feel like going
  • willing to put pride aside and ask questions if I don't understand something
  • willing to spend time and money on transportation to school
  • willing to take time to form and participate in study groups with other students
  • willing to maintain close contact with your Department of Rehabilitation counselor 
  • willing to take responsibility for contacting DSPS to make arrangements for services such as note takers and testing assistance

Excerpt from Ohlone College, Disabled Student Programs and Services