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Classroom and Parent Presentations

Counselors give a number of presentations throughout the school year. Here is a sampling:

Freshmen Orientation Presentation

The Freshmen receive this presentation to acquaint them with Graduation and College Prep Requirements, as well as information about getting involved and what they need to know to be successful in high school. Furthermore, they will receive a copy of their transcript which illustrates first semester of grade 9 courses and letter grades received. This is a co-presentation delivered by Peer Mentors and School Counselors. 


Sophomore College & Career Presentation

The Sophomore College & Career Presentation is provided to students in their English class in early February. This presentation is aligned with upcoming registration and Show Case. Students are engaged in activities to help facilitate the mindful selection of course choices for the next two years they are in high school, as well as to begin their college and career exploration. The Presentation reviews Graduation and College Prep information, various education opportunities after the completion of high school, careers and other topics.


Junior & senior Transcript Presentation

Grade 11 and Grade 12 students receive this presentation in their English class in Sept/Oct. The presentation includes perusing the Counseling, Graduation and College Prep areas of the WHS website, transcript review, and the sharing of important events and dates to calendar for post-secondary preparation. 



Parents and students can view this Power Point at the Showcase Open House event in late February. This Power Point covers important high school orientation information including Graduation and College Prep requirements.