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DURING SUMMER BREAK - Please Email The Registrar If You Wish To Withdraw Your Student & Please Attach A Completed Copy Of The Withdrawal Form.

Withdrawal Information

If you are checking out of Washington High School, your parent or guardian must contact our Registrar by email: and submit the withdrawal form. Withdrawal form is attached the bottom of this page.

Once you have been withdrawn you may stop by the office to submit your school books/supplies and chrome book to the main office between 7:15am - 3:30pm.

If you owe money or have missing books, your new school will receive a copy of your debt.


Changing schools during high school can have serious implications due to the fact that students must earn credits each semester to earn a high school diploma. Before you check your student out of Washington High School, it is suggested that you contact the high school your student will be attending and ask the following:

When does your semester end, or has it ended already?

  • If the semester has not yet ended and your student will enroll in like courses in the new school, find out if moving your student at this time will allow him/her to earn full credit for all courses passed at the end of the semester.
  • If the semester at the new school has already ended, then your student will not receive credit for an entire semester since the semester was not completed at Washington High School before moving.  Consider doing whatever is possible to avoid losing a full semester of credits which may mean remaining at Washington High School until the semester is completed before moving to another high school.  Otherwise, your student would be required to retake these classes in summer school.  Failure to make up these classes or the lack of availability of class makeup opportunities in the new school could jeopardize completing the high school graduation requirements on time.