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Graduation Requirements Overview

English 40 units
Science 20 units
Social Science 30 units
Math 30 units
Physical Education 20 units
Fine Arts/World Language/Career Tech 10 units
Health 5 units
Electives 75 units

5 units = 1 semester      10 units = 1 year


Algebra 1 Requirement: Passing grade both semesters from junior or senior high



Community Service Hours - Service Learning

In a typical school year, the requirement is 10 hours per school year of attendance in a Fremont Unified high school. (Any portion of attendance in a school year counts as a year.) All hours earned during a school year must be turned in, in the same year.  Hours earned over the summer must be turned in by October 31st of that year. 

Required Service Hours for Class of 2022: 20

Required Service Hours for Class of 2023: 20

Required Service Hours for Class of 2024: 30

Required Service Hours for Class of 2025 and beyond: 40



Promotion Standards:

From 9th to 10th Grade:    50 units

From 10th to 11th Grade:  110 units

From 11th to 12th Grade:  170 units

Please note: The above requirements are for graduation only. Check the COLLEGE PREP section for the requirements that must be met to attend a 4 year university.

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